Big Data & Hadoop
Duration: 6 Months




Course Description

The primary goal of this course is to demystify Big Data / Hadoop and get the students acquainted with end-to-end Mastery of the Tools in the Big Data realm by mastering its architecture design, Concept and really using the tools for different Big Data solutions. This course is specifically designed as per the requirements and opportunities in the job market. The course covers all the tools with Enterprise Features. It’s more focused on teaching the mainstream and in-demand tools with stable versions. Covers all the prerequisites & the foundation technologies: Linux, Cloud Computing and Languages required for various tools.

🎯 Course Goals

Master skills with in-depth learning and get acquainted with the end-to-end tools involved in Storing, Processing, Managing and Governing Big Data.

 Targeted Job Roles

  • Hadoop Administrator
  • Hadoop Associate
  • Hadoop Architect
  • Hadoop and Spark Developer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analyst

🛠️Tools Covered

HDFS, YARN, MapReducev2, Hive(SQL), Impala(SQL), Spark(Scala and Python), Hue, HBase, Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Cloudera Manager.

Security: ACL, Kerberos, TLS/SSL, Knox, Ranger